Stop loss order visibility in market depth

@nithin please tell us whether stop loss orders are visible in market depth or not.

Not it is not visible. The order is placed only when the trigger is hit. So until the stoploss is triggered, you can’t see anything in the depth.


Dear Haribabu,

Stop loss orders are visibile to market makers. These could be FIIs to DIIs and HNI traders.

On any scrip you can see market zooms or cracks only to see the weak hands are shaken off and continue its journey in its original trend. That is why so many traders they correctly see the direction but fail to keep proper stops. Hence they always experience that their stop is taken out and after that their presumed targets are achieved in the direction of their trades.

How to see this, i will give you a clue, on any time frame you check land ook for climax volume candles, you will understand.

Keeping a stop in a well protected area is an art. But market can take its own course to chart on any day any time.

The very point to consider in keeping stops are not supports or resistences but pivot points.

Hope this helps fellow traders

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Ganesh 1


The conspiracy theory is that large stop orders are “hunted” by your broker. Generally the algos scan the order book and see the potential market movement against the stop. If the algo feels conditions are right. Then stops are “taken”

No one has any proof of such thing, so far it is just a conspiracy theory. The other conspiracy theory is “front running the markets”. Very high frequency Algo is a must.