Stop Loss Triggered in Kite but Market price not went to my Stop Loss

I Took a Buy call in “CYINT” On 27 Sep 2017.
Buy price at BUY = 483.6 (BO Order)
My Stop Loss was at SL = 478.
Yoc can see the candel with Low of Price = 480.
My stop Loss Trigger at This Candel.

after This “CYINT” made a High of PRICE= 497.90
I end up the trade with loss.
I coud have made profit if this would have not happned.

OrderBook and Chart is attached.

Can you explain me why this happned @Karthik @BharatW @BharatW

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Check this post

@Bhuvan Just Now checked my Trade.
So, What does it mean? You guys are using cheapest Live Feed for Kite and PI? Why is it not real time? Just Becasuse you guys are Discount Brokers Or This is same with Even Full Broker?