Stop this minimum 15 character word limit


Hey, founders editors, moderators please remove this minimum 15-word limit
It’s very very annoying, why do I have to write a whole sentence every time I write something on this forum
I have to say something, that
and one more thing and what’s that?
Oh yeah
(Last line from the movie Happy Bhag Jayegi’s Piyush Mishra’s line :joy::joy::joy:)
(such an Amazing Actor)






Happy independence day from word limit to every fellow trader :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:




yes hmm


Hopefully, people don’t start replying to threads with ‘yess’, ‘nope’, ‘woww’, ‘yolo’, ‘haii’, ‘mehh’, ‘coolz’ etc. Will have to increase back the limit then :slight_smile:


But most of the things depends on hope
So let’s hope🙂


I believe 15 character minimality shud be maintained in the reply. As an alternative, comment option shud be given which would appear beside the replies & not in line with replies. These comments can be restricted with Max 15 characters & 15 lines in total per reply.


Gud to see it has been removed!


Okay. :grin:


OMG. :joy:


Thank You. :sunglasses:


Don’t do this :grimacing::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Freedom :hugs: