Stoploss based on total profit/loss?

@siva @nithin @ShubhS9

I’m trying different hedging strategies, but I can’t keep a stop loss individually to each hedge leg position, as one leg can move very high and second can be zero.

I need to continually have to look at the screen for any big unexpected move.(price going out of my hedge range)

So, can you bring one feature of stop-loss and limit order based on the total profit/loss value of the selected hedge position?

like if my hedge position has 4 leg and total loss of all leg cross 5000rs exit all 4 open hedged positions.

its a must needed feature.

This is considered as an algo and can’t really be provided off the shelf to retail customers due to regulations which restrict algo trading for retail.

can this be achieved in streak or anywhere else ?

Currently no. But we do have as part of nudge to give an option to set overall stoploss on a portfolio of positions/holdings. But this wouldn’t automatically square off your positions, but will trigger an alert asking you to square off. This will take some time though.