Stoploss facility for Currency Option in @Sensibull

Hi, I am a novice trader, and a bit insecure one too. @Sensibull option chain works almost fine for me, but there is something is missing for me which is stop-loss. If @Sensibull adds such a facility to pre-define the stop-loss before placing the order, that would be great for small timers like me with ultra-low risk apatite. Please consider with urgency. Thanks for your precious time. Regards.

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dude u just told that option chain is not at all visible in sensibull and now u are using option chain lolz

And where did you read such statement from me?

See this

I’m asking for the Options Chain of GBPINR, JPYINR, and EURINR in @Sensibull. I am already trading on USDINR option chain already. Try to under stand the point. It’s GBPINR, JPYINR & EURINR options chains I am asking for.

yep its not actually available in nse website also

Check the following link -