Stoploss in option Normal order

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I know this type of question is already exist but i am still bit confused. Support i bought 1 lot of NIFTY CE normal option . How can i put stop loss here? Just for try stop loss I created a sell order ( after buying CE option) with lower price however it got executed immedialy with current trading price.

e.g bought Nifty CE was trading with 105 . So i gave sell order of 95. to my suprize it my position closes with current trading price.


Place a Sell SLM order with trigger price = 95. This will act as a stoploss for your buy position. When the price of 95 is triggered, your option will be sold out at market price.

You’ve most likely placed a sell limit order with limit price = 95. But since a limit order executes at the best available price, your sell limit order was sold out at cmp.

Thanks srinivas for clarification :slight_smile: understood .

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one short question: what is SLM order? is it different from market order?

SLM is a stoploss market order. Explained in this video.