Stoploss-market order - need simplification

I am buying a stock at Rs 100. I want to put a stop-loss market order at 96. I’m unable to do that given these constraints

  1. Using the stoploss configuration in my purchase order itself: I always have numnerical stoplosses, not percentage based. Is there a stoploss configuration on the price and not percentage there?

  2. Using GTT: Well I can use the numeric trigger here - but I can’t put market orders, only limit orders.

@Trading-community - how can I do the above with the existing offerings on Kite? I apologize if this was easily possible already by I haven’t explored enough - i just want someone to tell me about it right up at this point :stuck_out_tongue:

@Zerodha-Product-Folks - If the above user journey isn’t possible today - what are the constraints to building it? Is it something that you already evaluated as a growing need? Is it in Kite’s product roadmap?

Hi @kayesbee

You can mention price while placing SL-M order

You can use sell GTT OCO order. Limit orders ensure safety against slippage when using long-standing orders

@Meher_Smaran - i appreciate your response. I have queries further -

I can’t find an input to mention the price - can you help me?
Screenrecording: - Google Drive

Appreciate this bit - but this is not what I’m looking for. I understand OCO the slippage concerns beforehand.

Check the SL and SL-M order which is beside market and limit order type

@Meher_Smaran Oh yep. That is right - completely missed it. I have further questions:

The combination of Buy (Limit/market) + SL (Limit/Market) has several conditions, does it? After playing around with it on Kite:

  1. It seems like all 4 combinations that come with the 2 sets of radio buttons are not all available.
  2. I am not able to execute a Limit buy + SL-M (This is my most preferred order way of taking long positions)
  3. If I’m defining a SL , shouldn’t there be 2 price inputs (Trigger price and SL order price) - I can see only trigger price for SL.