Straddle charts on kite

Hello team @siva @Sensibull

Is it possible to plot straddle charts on kite .?
If so could you please integrate it on the next update

Also If any of you know if some providers have access on straddle charts, kindly share here slight_smile:

Kindest Regards

Pavan :slight_smile:

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Hmm… To plot a straddle, you should be able to add that as a contract on Kite… hmmm… If we do it, we should be able to add all type of strategies and not just straddle. :slight_smile:

@Sensibull useful feature?


very useful, even for option buyers… If the atm long straddle is trending upwards, then the market is trending and option buyers can buy the trending side… For option sellers, it’s priceless…

Good suggestion…would be great to see this

any other platform offering this feature except Define edge

iCharts is providing the option strategy charts.

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this has been a long requested feature in kites, but zerodha has not done anything about it. taking requests for granted…