Strange think happen today

Today I placed AMO in zerodha but order executed before market opening and was showing in my open position…
I never seen such think happened with any broker till date.

Hey @yabita_padung

Before the market opens there is a Pre-market session, which is a session to discover the opening price. The pre-market session was introduced in order to minimise opening volatility in prices.

The pre-market session is from 9:00 AM to 9:08 AM. refer to this article to know more about pre & post market sessions.

Does during pre market hours order gets executed

Yes of course.

It shouldn’t. Pre market orders are collected between 9 AM and 9:08 AM and get executed pre market.

After market orders AMOs are supposed to placed in bulk by zerodha at 9:15 AM, with a probability of a few seconds delay.

Looks like someone at Zerodha placed your AMO 10 to 15 mnts too early.

Yes that’s my point …how my order gets executed even before market opens …
Interestingly the executed order was showing in my open position at 9.08 am…
Good thing is that Finally I was in profit at the end of day…
I am waiting response from Nitin sir

No, after market orders are placed before pre-market, that is how it has been. The reason for this is, only then do orders are ahead in the queue when markets open at 9.15. This is how it has been for the longest time.

AMO, Stoploss orders are placed at 9.15 am because in pre-market exchanges don’t accept SL orders.

Yes. Your order can get competed during pre opening session.I have also got many shares of SBI, icici some shares in midcaps like delta corp few days back. So its normal trading some times you get shares some times you don’t.

Someone pls clarify me clearly. Can my order get executed in premarket session or not? I mean a normal market order

After market orders can be put before 9 a.m. of every trading session. No amo orders can be put during 9am to 3:30 pm that is called trading hours.
Every time your order get executed when someone else is ready to sell/buy his shares on your bidding price. For example you want to buy 3 shares of SBI at 247 and someone wants to sell 3 or more shares of SBI at 247. Your order gets executed.
If there is no one to sell his shares at 247 your aftermarket order gets rejected because it is valid till 9:15 a.m.

At 9:00, pre market opens. Regular orders are collected. AMO orders are also sent to exchange now. So , for the above screenshot, order was placed at 9:00:35
Between 9:07 and 9:08 , this pre market randomly closes . As soon as this closing happens, matching of orders starts . So the above screenshot order was executed at 9:07:36.

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