Strategy help needed

Is there any way to screen stocks with these conditions.

  1. At least 2 Pivot high in last 30 candles
  2. At least 1 Pivot low in last 30 candles

Can any coder help in it ?

@Streak can you.

Hi, @Tapovan_Vashisht
This can be created on here we have shown how to create pivot high : How to find Pivot High through screener?

Now say if you pivot hight period is of 10 candles, and then you want this

Then you can repeat what has been shown in the link twice, with just higher base offset.
For more details, please write to [email protected]

Could you please help in writing it as i am getting very confused. please

I have taken monthly subscription now please help me

Hi @Tapovan_Vashisht_Vik
We will share the screenshot with you in sometime over DM

I am still waiting


We have DM’ed you the requirement, we attaching here the same.