Strategy live for Vanishes when CNC is selected while deploying

When CNC or overnight timeframe is selected for execution of strategy in streak , how long will the condition valid? one month , six months or more ??

Please note that if you are deploying a strategy with the order type as MIS, then you can use the ‘Strategy live for’ parameter of Streak to keep the Strategy active for the selected number of days automatically. You can access the ‘Strategy live for’ parameter on the pre-deployment window of the strategy and select a period of 1 Day, 3 Days, 1 week, and 30 days. Once you select the parameter as more than 1 day, then the MIS Strategy will automatically redeploy itself and enter the waiting state each day, until the number of ‘Strategy live for’ periods are complete. Refer to the below image of the pre-deployment window:

However, If you are deploying a strategy with the order type as CNC/NRML. Then for CNC strategies there is no ‘Strategy live for’ field and the strategy will be live for 30 days in the waiting state(Checking your entry conditions to meet). Whereas if you have entered a CNC trade, then the strategy will be live for unlimited days until the entered strategy cycle is completed (Given that your subscription is active).

To know more about Strategy Cycle, refer to the link provided below:
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