Strategy to select good ELSS

  1. What are the steps one should keep in mind while selecting the ELSS to get maximum returns in the tenure of three years?
  2. What is the best time to invest in ELSS for the tax saving purpose?

Not sure if anyone can predict which fund can give max returns. If you are starting now with ELSS, safe option would be pick up passive index ELSS fund. (Zerodha is also launching passive index ELSS !)

again… there are strategies to watch for decline in market and invest accordingly. However In my opinion, plain old boring SIP cab be safest bait. Whatever amount you want to invest for year, simply break in X parts and do SIP for X months in the financial year. Do not try to time the market, if you are beginner.

Best time is when markets are at a low. How you define low is up to you.

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