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I am trying to create a simple algo. When day high is breached/crossed after 9:30 in 5 mins frame, enter long.

Can someone assist ? Every time I run the algo, says no trades.


Hi Rudra,

The correct way to achieve your strategy is:
Select candle interval as 5min.
Entry: close crosses above opening range(High,15min).

Hope this helps.


I am not able to login

Email notification not coming for activating account


Can you explain the issue you are facing, as not email verification is required.


I want to create a simple code where I want to initiate a buy (intraday) when 1 min interval candle crosses day high made by a stock till 9:20.

Also I want to add the condition of offer and bid volume for that day.

Hi @Sarthak_Jain,

You can implement this in Streak. You need to put in the below mentioned condition for this.

Candle Timeframe: 1 min

Close crosses above Opening Range (Close, 5 min)

However, you cannot put in a conditions for Bid Ask volume. This is not supported currently.

Thank you so much.

i need code for nifty 50 stocks 1 hour change in price higher or lower than nifty index.

Hi @gpgane,

Please elaborate on your requirement and write a mail to [email protected].

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