Streak Backtest Error "Subscription over" on free plan


I got a notification today from Zerodha on 10 free backtesting per day on streak. When I tried it for the first time for the day, it is saying “Your subscription is over”. I am logged intio streak with KITE only. Is not the first 10 backtest free everyday?


i think this happened with me too but i was using the old version 3 of streak. when i updated to version 4 and retried, it worked fine. maybe you can check the same

I am accessing Streak from my Desktop using browser. Does the version matter here?

I just tried with both old and new versions. The problem is same. However, probably the issue is with number of scripts. I had selected NIFTY50 stocks. It will count as 50 backtests. I will report tomorrow when the quota gets renewed.

i dont think that is a problem… that is how they count backtest. if you have 3 stocks and run backtest 3 count will be reduced

Hey @Morpheus101

Please note, backtest count depends on the number of stocks added to a strategy.

For example: If a strategy has 1 stock and you click on backtest, the count will reduce by 1. Likewise, if the Strategy has 50 stocks and you click on backtest once then 50 counts of backtest will reduce. Thus you can either run 10 different strategies on a single Scrip or the same strategy on 10 different Scrips in the 10 backtests that you are getting.

You can backtest the strategies keeping this in consideration.

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