Streak Bug: Double exit of a strategy

@Krishnendu @Streak

Ran into an issue during paper trading of one of the strategies and reported it to support as suggested in telegram channel.

But the support team insists that since auto trading is not available with @Streak at the moment, the issue would not occur. I understand that there is no obligation to support @TradeRocket but for those who rely on trade rocket to initiate trades, this would be a higher than avergage risky proposition. Also, in future if SEBI permits auto trading, wouldnt this result in any issue for the platform anyway.

At the very least, the issue is affecting paper trading feature itself resulting in wrong results and hence shouldn’t this be taken up for a fix instead of categorizing it as a rare event.

Hi @Magnum007

Hi in live trading over the years we have not seen any case arise due to this kind of race conditions due to additional delays which arise when placing an actual order(even the smallest delayed when the alert is acted upon immediately and the order is sent to broker and is accepted by the exchange and confirmation is received, is about 1-2sec). The delay avoids any race condition which can arise when two different alerts are acted upon.
Further to this, the system blocks sending any other alerts when other of the same category have been triggered to make it even highly safe.

In paper trading as the system inherently is simulating alerts where multiple parallel processing is running(to handle the large scale), and if two of the parallel process receive different alerts for the same service at the same time(as there is zero external API call delay), this rare event can arise. The team will take up to solve this when the other feature updates are rolled out.


Have not done live trading so far index options but again today ran into this issue…It does not appear to be that rare…Its scary to deploy live trade with this issue repeatedly occurring. Even one lot can lead to huge loss… Apart from having reduced margin which should prevent exchange from executing the sell order gain, I need to see what alternatives to keep in place…At the moment this is the only issue preventing me from going for live trade in index options…as trading with only one lot doesn’t ensure good profit due to brokerage and other charges while trading with multiple lots can cause disasters with this kind of issue.