Streak - Buy above alert candle

Hi guys,

I use the following strategy
Lets assume i am using 1 hour candle
Assuming Market starts at 9 am, 10am one candle closed.

Lets say RSI crosses 60 at 10:15am. The second candle has not closed yet and will only close at 11am. Streak is giving me signal at LTP whereas i want to check RSI signal at candle close.

Lets call the candle whose price closes in a manner that RSI is 60–lets call it alert candle

I want streak to buy not at the alert candle close but when candle next to alert candle’s LTP crosses the Alert candle high.

Can someone suggest me the streak code

Hi @PriceActionNinja

Streak sends sngla at the Close of a candle and not on an LTP basis. So this assumption/observation is wrong. You can refer to the following thread to understand this better

As regards to this condition,

You can write
RSI(14,-1) cross above 60 and Close(0) higher than High(-1)

In the above condition, Streak will wait for another candle to close after the condition of “RSI(14) cross above 60” become True and Give a signal when the Next candle Close is higher than the previous candle’s High.

If you do not want the current candle to close, and want a signal before the candle closes, you need to use the Multitimeframe function for this.

In case you need further help, let me know.