Streak Chart to Backtest

Hey Streak Team,

I just ran the one-click backtest, its working quite smoothly. Thanks a lot for this new feature to Zerodha and Streak

Here i wanted to know the meaning of WS and LS and what these numbers mean? and is there any video or blog available as to how can we further optimize the backtest results? the results are good but i want to reduce the losing trades in this strategy to make it even better!

Thank you in advance

I think they mean Winning Streak and Losing Streak, how many wins or losses you got continuously. And I think they are mentioned in the bottom of the results page.

Hey @Priyank_Mehta

Glad you are liking the new update :slight_smile:

@GB26 thanks, you are correct. WS means Winning Streak, indicating the highest number of back-to-back winning trades. Likewise, LS means losing Streak. To know more about the backtest metrics you can click here

To learn more about building your strategy and optimizing it, you can watch the following webinar - Strategy Building and Optimization basics (In Hindi) - YouTube