Streak | Create, backtest and deploy

I’m trying to create a strategy and backtest it using Zerodha Streak. However, I wasn’t able to do it. Can someone please help me out with it. I have access to Ultimate Plan in Streak.

Nifty Short Straddle
Entry Time: 9:20
Monday to Thursday
Exit Time: 3:15
SL: 40% of each leg’s premium
No specific target - Exit at 3.15. If one leg hits SL, I will be holding the other till 3.15 or till it hits the SL.

I have created the strategy as per the blog (What is Dynamic Contract and how to create a Short Straddle on weekly Banknifty options in Streak? - Streak Tech) of the streak. However, I couldn’t get any backtesting results. Kindly help me out if someone is good at this.