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Hello trader mates,

I came across a few strategies from the discover page on - Zerodha. The backtest results looked good, the risk associated with this particular strategy is quite low - 0.7% with a reward ratio of 2.6%.
should I be looking at any other metrics ??

  1. The hourly uptrend
    It is a bullish strategy that is built using ADX, RSI, MACD and super trend.
    I have posted screenshots from the page.

So here they have deployed the strategy on TCS, TATAMOTORS and MARUTI.
I have used this strategy a couple of times but how should I improvise on the same, in this volatile market.

@Missbloomberg ADX identifies the strength of the trend, supertrend follows the trend, RSI identifies momentum and MACD identifies the divergence.

I think ADX is used to identify the trend and avoid trading in a ranging market. But it is a lagging indicator and would fail in identifying an immediate reversing trend or it would do so at the completion of the trend.

Mostly technical works best in their patterns. If the patterns break they would fail. A good idea would be to test the strategies in different backtest period and on different stocks.

If you can share the details of entry and exit using these indicators with the parameters would be able to provide more thoughts around it.

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