Streak evening star pattern

How can we create evening star & morning star scanner in streak.


You can use the following condition

Open(2) higher than Close(2) and Close(0) higher than Open(0) and Abs( Open(1) - Close(1) ) / ( High(1) - Low(1) ) lower than 0.35 and Open(0) higher than Close(1) and Open(1) lower than Close(2) and Open(2) - Close(2) higher than Close(0) - Open(0) and Open(2) - Close(2) higher than Abs( Moving average(close,20,simple,3) - Moving average(open,20,simple,3) ) and ( Open(2) - Close(2) ) / Abs( Open(1) - Close(1) ) higher than 2.5

Candle patterns are subjective. Hence you need to modify as per your requirements.

Also, you can refer to this webinar to learn how to create patterns of your choice.

In strategies we have different candlestick pattern option including morning star.Why can’t we have sane options in scanner instead of writing the whole above logic.