Streak help reg cloud

can you please let know how we can perform as below in streak

replicate scanner
add multiple instruments to screener,

also is the below understanding correct
Ichimoku(9,26,52,26,leading span a,no,0) -> referring on future 26th leading offset cloud
Ichimoku(9,26,52,26,conversion,yes,26) -> referring on current market price candle cloud



Ichimoku(9,26,52,26,leading span a, no,0) will not offset the cloud. which means you can check the future cloud,
Ichimoku(9,26,52,26,conversion,yes,0) can be used to refer to the current candle cloud.

In case you are not able to create your strategy, you can write to [email protected] with a screenshot of the setup.

Thanks for the reply,can you let know if [email protected] can create screener if i give the trade setup for ichimochu strategy,i can use this for trading purpose,thanks



Please find the custom ichimoku candle breakout screener link below,Could you please help me with the screener development,Thanks
Both bullish and bearish breakout screener have been attached

I have also sent mail to the [email protected] website furnishing the details,Thanks

My client id is given as below

Do get back for any queries



Of course, just write to [email protected]

Just mailed the details now sir,request [email protected] to build the screener

thanks in advance.