Streak-How to make it execute faster


I thought streak would immediately execute my algo when a condition is satisfied, however, I realised that there was a lag of the time based on what time period i had taken to create the algo logic. (e.g. I had an algo logic to buy one lot of nifty future when the LTP crossed above previous high on 15 min candle. I thought it would also do so, however it would do on close of the next fifteen minute candle) What I realised was that streak compares closing to closing on 15 min candle (or whatever time frame you had taken). I realised this after the support team explained this on email.

Now my query is…
How do I make this faster.
I tried making the same algo on an hourly time frame but then decided to check the condition on a smaller time frame (1 min) so as to make it faster using the “multitimeframe completed” function. However this did not work. I tried to first use the multitimeframe function to set the comparator on 1 min and then changed the time frame for the algo to one hour but this did not work and the 1 min time frame did not appear in the multi timeframe function.

Request you to see what can be done for this as waiting for an hour is too long to check the condition.

@Streak can you.


You need to enclose the value that is to be calculated on a different timeframe within MTF than the base timeframe. The base timeframe here is 1min and you want to compare the High of a 1hr timeframe, so the condition has been set accordingly.


I’ve tried the other way round (base time 1 min, MTF 1Hr), the backtest is yielding expected results. (first time ever, been testing streak and tradetron for sometime now)

Will check for paper trade next week and see if its good to go live.

Thanks again,

There is a candlesticks pattern in indicator section , and in there a shooting star pattern, So is there possible in streak I can see automatically where the shooting star pattern appear in 10 minutes time frame ?

Yes, you can use the scanner to see which stock current candle has formed a shooting star. Check the Scanner discover section for this.