(streak) how to place in limit order


As we know ETFs volumes are low , so i want to place in limit order , i have created entry condition that “Low(0) down by 1% from number(50.26)”

so if market falls 1 % from 50.26 it will get executed .

But my question is i want to execute this in limit order

and when iam trying to live deploy in limit order it is showing
default price: open, high, low, close, ltp
buffer : 0
please help

any help appreciated

Thank you

@Streak Can you.

Hi @vijay_vk ,

You can use Gtt order and can set the trigger and limit price based on your desired entry price. Gtt is order type provided directly in kite. Hope this helps.

no i want to execute order with streak (iam using traderocket)

can you help with this options

Default price : open high low ltp close
buffer size : 0


Hi @vijay_vk , alert will come only after candle closes, so you can select either low or close.
Since you have mentioned trade rocket, we like to highlight that usage of any third party software or extension plugins along with Streak platform( website and mobile application) may cause your Streak platform to malfunction, alter expected outcomes and cause problems.

Thank you