Streak issues after a months usage


After using Streak for more than a month, today opted out of renewal. Request Zerodha to see if the following abilities can be made available in Streak, which are very basic in nature.

  1. Position sizing per trade (BIG BIG problem here).
  2. Instead of keying in individual scrips names in a strategy, allowing selection of Nifty 50 or NIfty 100 as a target basket. This would also require modifying restriction of 20 scrips per strategy.
  3. Ability to link an excel sheet so that one can get support resistance zone entry alerts
  4. Scanner has to have the ability to be continuously live during market hours. Currently it seems we have to keep clicking on scanner button all day (lol) to make it work. At best it is useful as EOD scanner.
  5. Ability to put a condition on candle size , i.e. diff bet opening and closing price of candle
  6. Ability to say by how much higher / lower an indicator shd be in comparison.

Although Streak is an excellent idea, unless there are traders trading everyday within the Streak team, the basic requirements will not be in place. This would go a long way to decide Streaks future.

Hi @BharatDighe
Thanks for expressing your thoughts and feedback.

  1. Position sizing being on of most requested features and has been in works for a long time. We have been collecting feedback on how would clients like to incorporate in various user flows( it would be helpful if you can write to [email protected] with your expected work flow to incorporate position sizing,eg: during backteting, deployment, etc)
  2. Scrips count backtesting would be increased in the upcoming updates, but backtesting on entire Nitfy 100 or above would be challenge as most of the clients PC cannot render 50+ charts at once. It a client device side limitation but we are looking at incorporating various solutions.
  3. Support are resistance are directly available using indicators, if you want to import the support and resistance from excel just to get alerts you can let us know the requirements on [email protected].
    On the other hand backtesting for these levels also could be allowed but it would not make much sense due to changing levels which are not known due to lacking formula for historical levels.
  4. Scanner alerts is coming soon in the coming weeks.
    5 & 6. Multi-time frame and more comparators is in works and would be released in the upcoming version update. Also (5&6) are already possible in scanner and similar is coming soon to strategies.

Would love to hear any thoughts and specific requiremnts you might have, feel free to write to us as [email protected]

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Hello Streak,

Since you mentioned long ago that many functionalities discussed would b ready soon, i thought of checking with you, if below functions are now available in streak

  1. Ability to put a value per trade in strategies (say each buy or sell could be Rs 1 lac each). It s impossible to trade without this functionality

  2. Ability to put conditions based on candle size ( eg diff bet open n close of a candle to be more than 0.5% of scrip price)

  3. compare candle sizes in condition,… eg candle size to be at least double in size as prev candle. Again double can be only be seen as % of scrip price.

Let me know if any of these are ready now.



Hi @BharatDighe,

We have added the following features

  1. Continuous scan and alerts have been added. You can create a condition in scanner and get alerts when scrips match your conditions are met.

  2. Math operators and functions have been added and hence you can create conditions based on to get different values. This will help with your second and third requirements.

  3. We are also working on adding math functions in the create page.

  4. We have also released multi timeframe function, which allows users to check conditions on two or more timeframes.

Are these maths functionalities in strategies?
What about point no 1?

Math function has been added in scanner. It will be added in the create page.

You can refer to the email sent in response to your queries.