Streak multiple time frame stratergy creation

Hi @Streak

I would like to know how to create a stratergy that involves checking the technical indicators of multiple time frames. For instance I would like to use RSI on 5 mins time frame and 1 hour time frame . Also moving averages on 5 mins and 1 hr time frame.

Is this is possible?

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Hi @tradingmachine,

Please write to [email protected] with the details of your requirement and the team shall help you this.

they do not have multi time frame condition as of now, but you can change the settings to get desired results.
example 10 SMA on 1 hr will be 120 SMA on 5 min. multiply number of candle count at larger time frame.

Thanks. Yes this could be an alternative solution.

120 period SMA on 5 min and 10SMA on 1 Hr candle will not generate the same result. The average are being applied to different set of numbers. The results will tend towards heavy numbers (far from mean) in the array making the averages more volatile.

Multi-timeframe function is available in scanner. It will be added to the Create strategy page soon.