Streak Paper trade To Fully auto trading

Dear Traderocket,

not working in new free version of today my strategy deployed but automatic order not done. so kindly arrange to fix the issue

Hi Rocket trader,

First of all, you are awesome as you are helping so many like me who want to have discipline by doing rule based trading and not the blind bets.
I have one concern and would like to see you response. I see in the new version, you are stating that it will replicate the paper trade orders whereas in the last versions you used to read notifications from live deployments and okay them. so in previous platform only my live strategies will be used and i could still deploy test strategies for testing other settings & parameters.

Now i can only do the back test on other parameters and my live trade will be based on paper trades. so you can correct me that i dont need to deploy a live strategy and paper trade will suffice.

Nevertheless, Thank you so so much for being so innovative.


This works fine. Many thanks! However, now that Live strategies are available in new Streak, can’t it be updated to work only on Live Strategies like the earlier version? Or would the earlier version also work now? This will help me my paper (virtual) strategies running without live orders.

Agreed, now that live deployment is available, maybe the same script used in streak pro can be used for streak unlimited? Would be greatly helpful @TradeRocket



You have been doing a great job! Thank you so much for all your hard work. I tought of quitting streak after new streak launched and trade rocket not working on it. After this new plugin, my hope revived and statyed back with streak. Without you/trade rocket plugin, streak is useless!

Were you able to fix the problem . I am facing the same issue and haven’t found any solution yet .

No, the problem still persist, @TradeRocket please provide some update on your new plugin.

Hi, I have put my virtual strategies on heiken ashi chart but the signal came based on candlestick chart today & yesterday. rocket took the trade as programmed but these are wrong trades and not as per my strategy. This is bug in Streak and not your area. You can fix this if you take live strategy signal to trigger trades. Streak team will take more time to fix anything on test setups and will be more serious on live issues. I saw such issues in the past as well with their old system.

Candlestick signal Wrong

Please check the attached screenshots. Thanks.

how to stop multiple orders…i am facing that problem. Kindly help me to resolve this

Tried twice this week

Some times it triggers the orders if you toggle between the tabs or refresh the webpage.

Streak, hitting duplicate and multiple orders

Unable to understand the reasons

Instead of copying alerts from virtual trade, can it be activated directly for live trades?

Please rectify as it is the big problem for us. We are habitual of Auto Trade Execution.

We cant afford such errors

Please look into it


Hi @Muskan_Anjali ,

I am curious to know - is plugin working still now?


You have to remove the extension and add it again to work again. I do this everyday before market opens. Sometimes even this doesn’t work.

@TradeRocket Navin ji… any progress to avoid multiple orders … please help us … it’s a request… please… 2-3 orders for 1 alert is spoiling everything…
You try now with live deployments as it’s working on streak now… plz help asap…