Streak - Pricing confusion


I have a confusion about streak pricing. There are 3 packages Basic, Premium and Ultimate.
Premium and Ultimate have 7 and 10 entry and exit conditions respectively. What does Basic have then? there is no mention of that on the site and neither do they reply to emails.

I want to backtest NIFTY futures with high/low NRML/MIS conditions and a SL. Is it possible in basic plan?


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Thanks for copying Streak here. As usual no response from their support. Even direct mails or calls dont work.

Any other way to back test ?

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Hi iinfi1,

The basic plan has an option of 5 entry and 5 exit conditions.

Yes you can backtest on Nifty futures.


Thanks a lot.

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I subscribed to your service just to test this and you dont have a basic entry condition where I can backtest current price with previous day high or current price is above VWAP or anything. The current price condition is not supported.
I subscribed for this just 3 hours back.

I dont want to use this if I cannot test this basic thing with October Futures. Kindly refund my money. I dont want to use this.


  1. You cannot backtest an indicator with current price(LTP) as, indicators require the candle to close also during backtest, the historical data is only OHLC.
  2. The testing you trying to do has a logical fallacy as current price will cause VWAP and other things to change for every tick, giving a incomprehensible and inconclusive results.
  3. No money has been deducted yet, for cancelation, write a mail to support[@], with your Kite ID so that we don’t process your billing.


For details refer to the this thread

Hello sir,

Im a new trader and Im trying to do some algos and back test i found the time is showing morning 6AM and 7AM etcc. how a signal can be generated at market off hours.please clarify. i attached the sreen shot of the back test for NiftyFut



The backtest transaction log shows the time based on your system time zone.
Can you just check if the time zone in your system is IST.
If not just change it to IST and refresh the backtest tradelog timing will match Indian Market timings.