Streak Strategy execution post deployment

After deploying a strategy, if the condition is met, we get various colored indication prompting us to buy or sell based on the preset rules. If I choose the ignore the first set of notifications, in other words, decide not to get in for the moment, if the system comes across a similar condition again, will it notify me again?

Assuming that I have entered the trade after making profit or hitting SL, will the system prompt me again if the conditions are met again during the day?


Please note that you need to take actions based on the notifications. In case you do not take action on entry notification, subsequent entry will not be notified. You will have to stop the strategy and redeploy again.

You need to set strategy cycle as more than 1 for this. One strategy cycle means one entry followed by one exit. After you have made profit/loss, ie. exiting one cycle, you will get subsequent notification if the cycle is more than 1. Else the strategy will move to the stopped tab.