Streak strategy

Any one please help me know how to write set up to get harami candle pattern in 15 mins time frame in Streak platform…

Hi @upendra_patra, you can use the following condition for this

Thanks Krishnendu , but I am not looking for scan , I am looking to write the strategy, not able to access previous to previous candle so not able to make anything , can you pls help me here

You can simply use the following condition for this.

Thanks, I did it with Prev N candle ,
Need one more help , can you please give me details how to make strategy for pin bar candle …sorry to I m again struggling here

Sure, you can use the following condition.

Thnx for your reply Krishnendu , but again same problem for me , abs not there in strategy it’s only possible in scan seems , any idea how to use it in strategy…pls guide me …

Currently, this will not be possible. Math function will be available in the create strategy page very soon.