Streak Unlimited is now accessible for all Zerodha users

Hi Vasu,
I am not able to deploy my strategy live from streak to my zerodha account, neither from Pro Streak platfrom, not from the free one.
I have been working on the live deployment for quite a while now and wish to continue the same. The Pro Streak used to have a section of pricing where we could buy a subscription. That allows me to go live for a strategy deployment. I cannot renew my subscription anymore. Can you help me out?

Any plans to support Dynamic contracts in the free platform or that will remain a paid feature?
Any plans on Push API support on trigger?

Hi @Jagjot_Singh

The Team has replied to your query sent to [email protected]

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@Random_trader The Unlimited Streak platform supports backtesting on Stocks, Futures, and Options as well. You can backtest strategies on active options contracts directly. However, the Dynamic contracts function is not supported with the Unlimited Streak platform (

Do note that we are in the process of taking feedback from clients and incorporating the additional feature request. Please be informed that we will pass on the feedback to the product team and you can expect these features in future releases.

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Yes please, hard coded option’s backtesting has no value as it has no concept of Spot.

Also request you to add push APIs

@Streak Can you please share a document showing the difference of the paid streak and free Zerodha streak. It is a good initiative, however, still not unlimited. Please share the document please.

@Streak It would be really helpful to have the dynamic contracts feature in the unlimited plan. Without dynamic contracts, backtesting is not meaningful. Plus the pricing page (for streak) now doesn’t allow new paid subscription from “Kite / Zerodha” users for the “pro platform” (screenshot attached). So any new user (for streak) who is on Kite / Zerodha platform can not access dynamic contracts feature since their usage is limited to “unlimited plan”. Please think it through once. Thanks.

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Why strategy cycle for deployment is limited to 10 only ? Can we increase it to 100 atleast?

I cannot use strategies on FNO contracts ? seems it isnt supported ? Will it be supported in future ?

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@Random_trader currently the strategy cycles are limited to 10 cycles. However, this will be updated in future updates.

@PK123 Please write to [email protected] regarding this and the team shall assist you further.

@gaurav_s You can manually add FnO contracts in the new Unlimited Streak platform and check your strategy conditions directly on the respective futures/options charts. However, if you are looking for the Dynamic contracts function, then this is not supported currently.

Something which is very simple in streak pro seems impossible in unlimited.

Simple example, how do I set this entry condition?

RSI > X and time > 9.30 ?

It seems I cant do an and on hour of candle and minutes that seems non-sensical? In general how do I create complex conditions?

Dear Sir,
it’s pathetic to see that Zerodha took its customer as a punching bag. You forced us to use your incomplete platform streak tech. Even on paying, we can not use the pro version. in this tech version - We can’t deploy our strategies, and we can not make a list of screened stocks, Why is this jhunjhuna ? We didn’t ask you the free Jhunjhuna. please, explain. Hopefully, you will approve this post and reply genuinely.

Hi @Bikrama, we regret that you didn’t find the new Streak platform as per your expectations. However, we would like to mention that this new offering is the first basic version and you can expect many value-added features in future updates. Currently, we are in the process of taking feedback from users and incorporating the additional feature request. Please be informed that we will pass on the feedback to the product team.

If you have any further queries, please write to [email protected] and the team will assist you further.

Dear Vasi_patel,
Thanks a lot for your reply and forwarding the concern to the relevant team. My request was to give some platform to deploy before stripping us of the pro version. I shall contact [email protected] for further questions.

I just don’t understand why we are forced to use the free ultimate Zerodha streak when it’s not having complete features like we have in pro… dynamos contracts and live deployment… how will a zerodha user can use that now? I don’t want to wait for ur future actions… I need it now because I was using it from last 1 year

@Vasu_patel facing the same issue, can you please help me

We understand your concerns regarding the transition. Please know that we’re not forcing anyone to use any particular platform. However, at this moment, we are not providing these features on the new platform.

We sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding as we continue to improve the Streak platform.

Hi @Vivek_Lambe, we are currently not offering this feature on the new platform. Stay tuned for updates!

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