Strike price is outside the allowed range

Are far OTM reserved for HNI clients?

I think so based on an interview on e-learn markets.

Perhaps if you can negotiate privately, you could be in for a deal.

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That’s garbage, everyone at zerodha will have same range.If one moves to Orbis which is custodian there will be no limit on strikes.

Well… I am forced to take you at your word.

Let me pull out the video when I find time.

I hope you know that you can transfer shares from zerodha to other broker just like you transfer funds from one bank a/c to another. Just saying so if you decide to switch, you don’t have to sell your folio, just transfer it. :slight_smile:

Any news on allowing far strikes @siva @nithin? We are desperately waiting for this one thing otherwise y’all have never disappointed. But this feels like an enternity now!Can’t do positional till I can hedge with long otm strikes :unamused:

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SEBI limit on FPI is extended till August, we believe once those limits are lifted we can notice overall increase in market OI and thus increase in our limits, apart from this we are also doing couple other things to increase strike range.

Today is 14 July
Where is your big mouth promise
Today again not able to hedge the position just bcos far otm strikes r disallowed
R u yourself having any firm ground to communicate on this or you are doing man ki BAAT
Come up with a convincing answer at least
This problem is faced by everyone and I see there is no solution given yet…only fake promises
Hope u respond in a sound manner

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I cannot be sure but there’s a possibility that far otm has been reserved for the privileged.

This is not my view but there are rumours doing the rounds.

Is that why they prefer to resolve on a case by case basis

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Today the range allowed was mere 450 points! like for real? this is really bad!

check this, I posted this and then moved on to other broker to continue trading in options. We all love zerodha for what it is, but this narrow range is really a pain in the … for options traders.


Which broker you moved to
Please make sure even there you don’t have to face this restriction

no bro, almost no other top tier broker have this issue. whenever i face issues like this in zerodha, i move to Either Alice or Angel for such trades. but today it was heights of restrictions. i mean 450 points range is practically saying don’t trade in options here. It’s really sad.

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If you trade exclusive in fno … try migrating to orbis … i recently migrated to orbis and all strikes are allowed …

Anyone willing can choose orbis as custodian, for them there will be no strike restriction.Check this.

If more users then they reduce range of 200 points.:grinning:

@nithin have you have taken this issue officially with sebi or exchanges. Since as a largest broker you could have a say on this and this is affecting your business only then anyone else.

can you share screenshot of how orbis platform looks like?

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Orbis is not a different broker … you can trade through zerodha itself … only your trades will be settled by orbis … all the charges remain same …

so we trade as usual from zerodha kite only? everything’s same just change is from backend right? Also we lose equity trades when we migrate to orbis is this correct?

Yes … only the back end process is changed …

You can refer to this support article from zerodba