Strikes Open for trading

Please see the strikes that you allow to trade. With the volatility now, you are forcing us to trade in a very narrow band of just 300 points. So… whats happening here is that the big boys can sell far OTM options and make money but we have to be on our toes all the time to make a few bucks.

Just as last time you had restricted a order limit to 20k so that it does not get jammed, why not restrict order size to few hundreds for options so that everyone gets a chance. Right now the big boys are crowding out the small retailers like me.

Why not just close the stock broking business and go home or better hand it over to a better leadership?

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I am facing same problem.Please zerodha do something

zerodha please do something, i am unable execute this order due to oi restrictions.Even next weekly option has a range of 350 points.What the hell is going on? previously there was no such restrictions on next weekly option