STT not charged on all transactions

In the Tax P&L report shared by Zerodha, only some of the sale transactions show STT charged, while for others STT is zero? Does that mean zero STT was applicable on those transactions, and I can declare complete STT paid while filing ITR? Or is it that I have to only declare STT paid where it is shown in Zerodha P&L report?


You should refer to the contact note as some of broker rarely mentioned it in PnL statement or if STT charges is 0.03 ,it will automatically convert to 0. All the changes and Profit and Loss with administrative expenses are round off to nearest fractional number ending with 0 or whole number. You can see in statement that if in some case 0.36 is your trxn charge and 0.07 is you stamp charge then total expense will shown as 0.50 Considering this value for expense is not good choice as you will have lots of trade in FY.

Hey @viresh.verma2594, please create a ticket at Our team will have this checked.