STT on ITM Options

Suppose I have two long option positions of same ITM strike prices on expiry day.One is MIS and another NRML.what STAT I have to pay in both cases AT THE END OF THE Day.
How will it be different if the positions are short.

What is STAT? You mean STT? There has been some changes on this, check the below link

Yes that is STT.can you reply to my query specifically.what will be the difference in STT when the position is MIS or NRML.Will I be insulated from additional STT if I opt for MIS in case of a long ITM position.

Check this post on STT.

STT is same for intraday and overnight on F&O. So it would make no difference.

Your MIS order is closed before market hours and applies 0.05% STT on premium. NRML options if expired in the money then you will pay STT @ 0.125% on Spot Close price * Lot Size.

Under new Rules you may not need to pay STT if you don’t want to exercise the options.

Break Even for Exercising Long Options on Expiry day is 35 points in Spot



Stt if position is squared off manually?

it is 0.05% of Premium at the time of Selling only.

is there any provision of manually not letting ITM option get exercised even if left without squaring it off ? and if STT is lapsed by zerodha, shouldn’t exercise cost should be zero except brokerage ? let’s say if it is nearby strike price and zerodha decides to lapse STT, still will I get intrinsic value of profit ?

Hi Sir,

I am having account with your company I haven’t sold today’s call of 25400 which i have is 186 lots. I want to know what will be the closing price and how much I will be getting paid as spot closing is 25427 and my buying cost was 22.73. for 186 lots.

Any help would be appreciated.
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The STT for this transaction will be higher than the option premium at expiry. So your position will not be exercised and will be lapsed without any money.