Stuck In Learning Journey

H! I am Janmesh and I really liked your post about trading systems. I am new to trading and I am learning to trade but now I am stuck and confused in my learning journey so can you please just tell me what is the next step I should take.

I have learned all the basics about stock market including Technical Analysis (Indicators, Tend Lines, Patterns) and Fundamental Analysis (Ratios, Statements, Dividends) but now I am confused about what to do next. I have learned all these form Udemy and my teacher has also taught me a strategy named OPG (Opening Price Gap) but after analyzing the strategy on graphs I have come to the conclusion that I won’t be able to run that strategy.

So can you please help me and tell me what should I do next in order to earn a fixed income form market. I am not trying to make lakhs or millions I just want an average income.

Hmmm… Unfortunately, there is no way to earn a fixed income from the markets.


Markets return depends on Indices, stocks performance, global & country economic conditions, returns vary as per performance, so as such there is no fixed income, but if you want some income, you can get it thru - investing in good Mutual Funds which offers monthly income after some period of investment, u can also invest in dividend income stocks where u can get dividend income when company declares it. These incomes vary as per performances

***I’m not an advising anything, only providing suggestions.

You can research on your own & take an deceision