Subscribing to Streak paid version

Dear Community / @Streak,

I am trying to subscribe to monthly plan of Streak.

When I try to login to streak.zerodha with my Zerodha account, I am unable to see plans under billing and it only shows my free trial has expired.

With the Streak Pro Androird app, I am seeing message “You are using an old version of the app. Kindly upgrade yo latest version”.

Any help or advice with regards to this matter would be very helpful.


@Bibhuti_Bhusan_Padhi I noticed that you have written to [email protected] and the team has already addressed your query.

Hi @Vasu_patel ,

Yes. I got my query addressed. Many Thanks.

Would you be able to let me know if there are plans to bring back live scanner and strategies as it was in the premium version ?


Currently, we are in the process of taking feedback from clients and incorporating the additional feature request. Please be informed that we will pass on the feedback to the product team and you can expect these features in future releases.

@Vasu_patel sir iam unable to deploye in live trading (only virtual trading is showing to me) please help

@vijay_kumar5 the new platform does not support live deployment for your strategy. Currently, you can only deploy your strategies in Virtual deployment.

@Vasu_patel When is the expected date for launching the live deployment?

no ETA as of now. We will update all our users when any new feature is released.

Moved to ChartInk while waiting for live deployment in Streak. Still using Streak for back testing. Hope Streak comes up with live deployment sooner for Zerodha users.