Success Strategy for Startup

Hi @nithin,
I hope this message finds you well. I am Pratyaksh, pursuing a Bachelor in Business Administration at St. Joseph’s University, Bengaluru. I am writing to kindly request an answer on the topic ‘Indian Startups and their Strategies for Success’ for a Research Paper I am working on and Your input would greatly contribute to advancing understanding in this area.
Following is the Question -
What would be your first few steps and strategy to start a company like Zerodha or any other sustainability startup, if you were 22 years old now in 2024 India. Given that, you don’t have as much money and resources you have now, but same knowledge and skills you possess.
Basically, how your approach changed over these years when it comes to Future Planning, Market Research, Marketing, Networking, Sales and Production in a startup?


Find something you love to do, and build a career around it. Be open to learning new things and being around the right people. If the goddess of luck smiles you can get lucky in life.


Assume you wanted to be a stock broker and were caught in a time warp, only to be reincarnated as yourself in 2024, with less money and no business.

How differently would you plan, research, market, hobnob, and budget the business in your second innings on God’s green earth?

I don’t think there is a brokerage business to be built in 2024. Maybe I’d attempted something else. :slight_smile: