Sudden peak in ZINC


@nithin What will be the reason for sudden peak in ZINC today…it moved around 7 points up…this kind of volatile will be very risky for day traders… there is no high volatility in international market…it is observed only in Indian markets…




Most likely it is a fat finger trade, someone might have placed erroneous market order at that time, it quickly reverted back in next minute. These things can happen.


I traded zinc and made loss,zinc is tough market but interesting one


What the hell, today also same peak in zinc,
Zinc me trade karna ya nahi sochna padega


Today I didn’t find anything like you said… every thing is normal.


today it’s because of inr spike,


Plz check zinc (big) 11.00 pm candle on 15 min chart. Sudden spike of 3 rs in 1 second


Yes correct. I always trade in ZINC mini. In mini there is now such peak.


Right, why this is happening?


Today it’s because of USDINR change.


Be careful in ZINC for few days… It can give a sudden peak again…


Then why crude is stable and not behaving like zinc?


May be some other factor also behind this, becaude crude has no such spikes


copper lead and zinc all went up on lme also so with inr spike they all had double impact


Ok, thanks


Crude also went up by 20 points at 11am.


13 points in big


When we calculate in USD metals will be around 2000$ where as crude it’s around 60&


Can I ask you which app you have used for the price of zinc @Menta_Sai_Kalyan