Suggested Improvements to Zerodha site


After using the Zerodha platform for more than an year, I feel some of my user interface needs could be shared by other members of the community as well.

It would be really helpful to have these changes in Zerodha (if the site admins are watching)


The below is helpful when I want to invest say 20,000 in a particular stock but I have to open up the calculator to see how much qty I can buy in 20,000


Please let me know if the above suggestions are valid, I’ll post some more.

  1. If you open from holding page it will auto-fill quantity, from market watch it is not possible as one can use it to add more to holdings.

  2. Right, will change this.

  3. Will give as same as trigger by default in next update.

  4. Buy and sell GTT in different tabs is not required we believe as one can filter, will check on colors.

    1. Total amount may not add value but when LTP is close to trigger we need to alert so one can add funds, this is in our list of things.
  5. Invested amount on position page won’t say anything, already there on holdings page.

  6. Will come out with margin required on order window itself based on quantity given.

Thanks for feedback.

Thanks for your positive comments.

As for my first image, the problem still persists.

To replicate:

  • Click on the 3 dots for any scrip in holdings

  • Select “Create GTT / GTC” option

  • It defaults to “Trigger type” as OCO order and quantity is filled in automatically (correct)

  • However, if you change the trigger type from OCO to Single, the quantity becomes 1 (should not be)

Will check this.


Currently, when a GTT is triggered but the order is not placed for reasons like LTP is not matching the condition, the open order is cancelled after the market closes.

If you want to repeat the GTT ( please pay attention to the mouse clicks and notice the page scroll movements as we proceed further):

Click 1: you would have to go to GTT tab as you can’t do on-click repeat from the orders tab.

page scroll to reach the triggered GTT in the list.

Click 2: Click on … (three dots)

Click 3: Click on Copy GTT

Click 4: Click on Place button.

Total 4 Clicks + page scrolls to achieve this. Also, please note many times people just forget to set GTT again once triggered but order gets cancelled.

Can’t this be avoided with a simple tick mark while placing a GTT order that gives the user a choice to make a GTT into a real GTC?


What do you think @nithin?
It would give users a choice whether to set it as GTT (one time until triggered regardless of whether order executed or cancelled) or GTC (Auto-Repeat GTT until executed or Manually Cancelled by the user).

We thought of this option and is easy to do but this falls under algo if new order is placed automatically hence we can’t.

Oh! even if the Repeat GTT is set after market closes, still it would fall under algo? Just asking.
In that case, can there be some sort of relief and UX-friendliness because, from the order tab, you can’t Repeat GTT again. And when you go to the GTT tabs, it looks cluttered because a long list of triggers set and some are shown faded when triggered few days ago. So there is a long list and to identify which one to repeat amid the crowd is a task. Did you understand the challenge?

Currently one can copy from GTT page, as you said there may be other triggers one can easily sort by searching with symbol name and look at only Triggered one, don’t think this is complex/uneasy because we are clearing the triggered GTTs in couple of days now.


What is the way to suggest any improvements in zerodha portal? Is this the only forum for that?

IPO applications applied are shown with random order, and it’s getting difficult to find the recently applied or the one I am applying for. Also there is no other column which can help to find, like applied/start/end dates etc

You can post it here, or use twitter or use ticket, I recommend this so we can exchange ideas.

This is account specific, suggest you to create ticket.

It’s already there, can click on status.

@siva I am talking about the historical ipos list as shown in this screen shot

I don’t think this is account specific, if yes I can raise a ticket for it.

Also is it not possible to provide sorting feature in kite mobile app?? Across holdings / orders pages?

another improvement Is that, quick selection for checking overall (from beginning) gain/loss in P&L page, along with existing 1week, 1month options. I feel this is most important and useful.

Worst is the customer service. This is the reason I am closing Zerodha account. They have become too big and think they are invincible. When I call helpline, the wait is 30 minutes. They had disable raising ticket option too. Kamath does not deserve a second chance.

We didn’t, one can raise ticket any time.