Suggested Improvements to Zerodha site


After using the Zerodha platform for more than an year, I feel some of my user interface needs could be shared by other members of the community as well.

It would be really helpful to have these changes in Zerodha (if the site admins are watching)


The below is helpful when I want to invest say 20,000 in a particular stock but I have to open up the calculator to see how much qty I can buy in 20,000


Please let me know if the above suggestions are valid, I’ll post some more.

  1. If you open from holding page it will auto-fill quantity, from market watch it is not possible as one can use it to add more to holdings.

  2. Right, will change this.

  3. Will give as same as trigger by default in next update.

  4. Buy and sell GTT in different tabs is not required we believe as one can filter, will check on colors.

    1. Total amount may not add value but when LTP is close to trigger we need to alert so one can add funds, this is in our list of things.
  5. Invested amount on position page won’t say anything, already there on holdings page.

  6. Will come out with margin required on order window itself based on quantity given.

Thanks for feedback.

Thanks for your positive comments.

As for my first image, the problem still persists.

To replicate:

  • Click on the 3 dots for any scrip in holdings

  • Select “Create GTT / GTC” option

  • It defaults to “Trigger type” as OCO order and quantity is filled in automatically (correct)

  • However, if you change the trigger type from OCO to Single, the quantity becomes 1 (should not be)

Will check this.