Suggestion for an unique feature


Hello, I am a big fan of zerodha

I would like to give a suggestion for a new feature that can be introduced on trading platforms of Zerodha.

The feature is:

When you search for a stock to invest in ( especially in intraday which gives margin like *10times,*15 times,*20times depending on nature ), traders won’t be aware of an exact number of stocks that can be bought from their free cash. In a Trading hurry, they should go to margin calculator and find the number of stock that they can invest from their free cash.

But, my idea is When you introduce an option called, (let’s term it as " SuperFast ").
Let’s say a person wants to buy SBIN. The number of quantities will be decided by the computer on LTP, provided the trader must give a simple single input from options providing ( for example utilise 100% of free-cash, or utilises 50% of free cash) while buying.

so say, A person has got 100 rs. as free cash.

If a share price is 1 re. and is margin is 17*times

when getting simple single input from the user that utilises 100 % free cash
1700 shares will be executed immediately. This actually creates rapid trading and time-saving.

Since it is very difficult to judge fast moving LTP your program may go wrong. so Fix plus or minus less than 0.5 rs from LTP on executing the order. so that the order won’t get rejected due to the cash shortage.

Best wishes,

Maheswaran D
[email protected]


:slight_smile: Yes, this is on our list of things to do.

Eagerly waiting for the feature!! Thanks for reverting.! @NithinKamath

This can be a very useful feature for day traders

Yes. It saves time and maximize the profit.

Yes this is needed… Or the trader can enter the amount he wants to risk on a trade manually… For eg if he enters Rs 3000 then Kite will report the maximum quantity he can enter using a particular product type like MIS or BO, etc.

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