Suggestion: For RMS

As per the new margin framework only 25k is required to take a hedged position
But while exiting the hedge first the margin required increases suddenly
And in a some cases the margin can also lead to shortage of funds
Today only I exited 8 positions by clicking on exit all
But I received a message from RMS
All of my positions were hedged but during the exit only the buy positions would have been exited first
Which lead to increased margin requirement
In unfortunate events it could also have lead to margin penalty in case the peak margin was reported at that time
My suggestion to the RMS is that they don’t allow us exiting the hedged position first in case we will have shortage of funds on the naked position just like we cannot take a naked position first

@nithin @siva @ShubhS9 @Ragavendran_M

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In our list of things to do, as this is backend change it may take more time.