Suggestion: Manage Delivery trades in holdings or positions

Hello Team

It is my very humble suggestion to allow traders to manage delivery based positions in “Holdings” and “Positions” pages with a simple click.

This would allow many traders which as you say form the bulk of your activer client to better manage PNL.


I didn’t understand, can you elaborate in detail, please.

Hello Siva…

Alright, let me take the case of an Arbitrage Position where I am long in Cash Market short in FUT.

Assume that this trade will take 10 days to fructify… What will happen in case of Zerodha is that I will have a separate PNL in HOLDINGS Tab of the KITE mainpage for the long position in Cash Market and an open Short which will be shown in POSITIONS Tab of the KITE mainpage. But as a whole there is only one PNL for me which is based on the long-short position.

So, what I am requesting is for Zerodha to allow me to move the Cash Market holding to Positions tab so that I can have my PNL in one place. This will help in better trade management in a lot of cases.

I hope I have made it clear…

This is not possible, also m2m on futures can’t be netted off against holdings as futures will have daily settlement where as equities pnl is realized only when position is closed. This is a regulatory thing.

Hello Siva

I do not expect MTM to be netted against equity holding. It is just the PNL that I am concerned with…

Please understand that all delivery trades in Cash Market are not investments…

@nithin can you also look into any regulatory hurdles involved in this… as far as I know it is just reporting for clients.

How broker is aware if stocks in holdings are for long terms or short term?

Showing holdings and positions in one page will clutter the platform and confuse people, better to keep it simple, I really din’t understood how doing this way is any help.

This is not called an arbitrage. Its entirely a different thing.

The broker is not aware but the trader is hence I am requesting to provide an option to move cash market position based on his trade. That has been my objective all along…

As of now when a trader takes a trade in cash market you keep it in Positions till the day of trade and then you move it Holdings, we don’t want all holdings and positions in one place. Only the specific ones which the trader wants.

Please consider this example, Where I am short HDFCBank 2 lots (1000qty) @1256 and Long HDFC 1 lot (500qty) @2019.

For this position to be dollar Neutral I have to have some long position in HDFC Cash

So for me the PNL is profit in 2 lot HDFCBank short and loss in HDFC Fut and Cash.

The ask is to be able to move HDFC Cash position to POSITIONS so that I can have PNL in one place. So, this will help Traders to monitor PNL in one place, it is solely at the discretion of Trader whether the cash market holding is an investment or a trade.

I really hope this example makes it clear.

@Curious-Investor Thanks for your reply but this thread is not about what a particular trade is called Arbitrage or not. It is for a suggestion in the User Interface with his data.

I understood but this won’t add any extra value. Besides that

  1. FNO expires.
  2. As pnl is for total portfolio I din’t get how this will be useful.
  3. This will clutter the platform, also what if someone has taken same scrip in intraday products?
    So, this is not possible to add.

Alright Siva, thanks for your time…