Suggestion on equity price

Dear All

I brought some random stocks in March 2020(when lock down was implemented), Now my share price has increased almost 100%. I have seen few share price started dipping. I need a suggestion, like can I hold the share or sell it?

Depends which share you are holding, if they are good companies (names that we know or everyone knows) or which pays some dividends once in a while, I would suggest you hold on to them as you not going to get those prices anytime soon. Else if they are share’s of companies with sketchy financials just get rid of it all or sell 50% and forget the rest. Your choice entirely but if they are share’s of good companies (like Nifty 50 or PSU’s etc) please hold on… :sweat_smile:

If you’re very concerned about profits… Book profits to recover your invested amount… leave the remaining to grow

hold or buy more of it