Suggestion to for improvisation of Coin


Team Zerodha please include following best features of other mutual fund investments platform in Coin -

Suggestive SIP dates
Direct deduction of SIP amounts from Bank account
No initial investment to start the SIP
Review of Funds with rating

If Zerodha, can include the above mentioned features in Coin. Coin will become best out of all available option.


Direct deduction of SIP amounts from Bank account
Remainder on next SIP date


This actually makes no difference. The idea behind a SIP is to not to time the market and invest regardless of the market conditions.

Working on it.

The initial investments are decided by the AMCs.

Fund ratings don’t really matter. There is enough data to show that they don’t add any meaningful value.


Further more, personally, I came to Zerodha so that I can get a complete centralisation of my investment decisions. This includes,

  1. Research: qualitative/news etc and quantitative/risk measures and performance analysis
  2. Invest: Buy/sell etc
  3. Manage: Look after the portfolio, create alerts etc
  4. Reporting and consolidation: Either for audit or tax purposes.

The biggest thing I see missing, atleast for Coin, is the research bit. Websites like try to do this well, but my primary motive of keeping everything at one place is sort of defeated if I have to switch between these applications.
What would be great, for above average - advanced non-stock investors, is the ability to do this compare and contrast of fund and its performance with some well understood measures. I agree with the above point that ratings are not helpful 99% of the times, but these comparative analysis across different dimensions is certainly valuable, is what I feel. Simply put, I’d even be willing to pay a small yearly amount for such a feature.


Can you please add a fetur to see “one day gain”.

Thank you!!!