Suggestion to learn Intraday Trading

Can any one please suggest a best book Or tuitor, who will train for Intraday and relative Strategies, Please.

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Google is the best tutor available now. Avail its services but be careful what u choose among thousands and suits best to ur way of trading.

All tutors are just looters.
Best start with tweeter and following many active traders.
Youtube for knowledge videos.
Books also very good source.
Just remember it’s very long journey. Will take 3-4 years

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The best platform I would suggest you is Varsity, The best platform to learn all about Market, Trading, Technical analysis and investments.

if you are starting from zero please join Sharekhan’s Ignite course.
Worth the money.
It will teach you discipline, target and Stop setting and mostly their strategy is 90 % accurate.

You surely would have become a billionaire by now!


Don’t just stick to intra day. Learn the technical and psychological skills about trading as a profession, only then u can be a consistent profitable trader. Anyone who can’t take risk or loss won’t survive to trade after breaking his/her account several times.

Dr Alexander Elder’s Audio book and his other books on trading and his triple screen trading systems will be most useful for you.

Do paper trading for a month. Join TradingView and practice reading the charts and buying/selling.

I am on the way to become the same. Currently i am getting 90% hit rate with 500 INR as SL and 1000 INR as target.

Anyways thanks for your blessings.

The best way to learn Intraday Trading is by understanding Technical Analysis. For your day trades, most of the price movement takes place not because of fundamental factors, but it gets impacted due to psychology of traders, which could be due to news or technical indications.

Once you master technical analysis, placing intraday trades would be much easier. However, having said that, I must admit a successful intraday trade is not about making profits always, it is also about how well you manage your losses.

Thus a successful intraday trade could be having hit minor losses as well. Taking losses as per your strategy is as important as exiting with profits.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: