Suggestion: Zerodha can launch a virtual trading platform similar to that of Kite

Opening up a free and virtual trading platform very similar to that of Kite where a certain amount of virtual cash is provided to the user to trade and invest would be beneficial to Zerodha in the following ways: -

  1. Prospective clients get a chance to interact with the Kite platform and understand it better before they actually open up a trading platform with Zerodha.

  2. It increases visibility and brand reach of Zerodha.

Though there are a lot of virtual trading platforms available, I personally have found Kite to probably be the easiest trading platform to use and thus a virtual trading platform by Zerodha would actually be successful despite the competition.

This is my opinion. What are your opinions regarding opening up of a virtual trading platform by Zerodha?


Dummy account definitely needed !

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Surely, its the need of the hour. With the discontinuance of NSC Pathshala, its high time Zerodha must seize this opportunity to introduce a virtual trading product , even at a small cost. Alternatively,
they can provide this product to those clients only who are willing to or have already opened trading account with them.

Mr Nithin over to you.


Is it similar to paper trading?

Yes, it is

lets keep this thread alive and hope Zerodha listens and starts one virtual platform soon.

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Specially for F&O practice, we need Virtual Kite. I wouldn’t mind paying a monthly subscription.

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sir i just today email u about this and here i see u asking our opinion…sir plz launch it it will help lot of new user…plz sir

haha…zerodha’s system is behaving like a virtual system with real money !


Great thought karthikannan

it will be great initiative

Is there any platform where I can try new strategies on F&O segment as many platform.provide virtual trade for stocks only and not for F&O .

use icicidirect virtual - but only for NF and BNF

Hi Mr Nithin,

Could you please provide your view on this topic, since the virtual platform is need of the hour even at some cost.

Hi @mz8893

Check out by Sensibull.