Suggestions for Coin

I have a couple of suggestions for Coin.

  1. Instead of us transferring the money to Zerodha, if you implement something (I don’t know the term they use but I think it is called ACH Mandate) so by us adding you in our Net Banking account, you can automatically withdraw the money when we are running short of balance on Zerodha. All AMCs have that when we buy MF directly.
  2. I get an email for all the transactions that are going to happen for Zero every morning but I would be nice if you can also specify how much amount would be deducted and if there is any need to add more funds into my Zerodha account.


Auto debit from Bank account can be done by setting up standing instruction on your net banking as well.
Kindly go through this post.

Zerodha Coin is really great platform.
I have few more suggestions,

  1. While doing withdrawal, there should be option know how much amount I will be getting, what are the deductions(including exit load) and the total growth.
  2. Coin platform can be improved by providing more information about the fund, like last quarter growth, minimum duration, investment related informations like top 10 investments, etc…

Adding more complex logic would be a nice to have feature.
Like, invest when Nifty50 is down for the day.
Also, it would be nice if Zerodha can offer margin on MF investment like Angel Broking does.