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I had a small request to make…The console platform is really good with everything else except for report downloading. My senior family members use both zerodha and other traditional brokers and have issues with downloading only in excel format from console.
The downloaded excel sheet has to be converted to word externally and also does not work well with google sheets and this is not the case with alot of other brokers who provide well designed pdfs for not only annual global statements but also for p/l and others.
I understand that young participants are tech savvy and this is not even something they’d think about but for seniors this may be a major concern.
I hope this can be looked into @nithin and @siva .
Thanks alot.

You can export to pdf from any excel service. The reason we give in excel is that you can do necessary changes if our P&L is wrong or the logic differs as compared to what your CA suggests.
With PDF you can’t do any of that nor can you convert back to excel from pdf.

@Nakul maybe create a support article on how to export the P&L from excel to PDF. Share the link here.

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Sure. We’ll create the article and share it here.

Thanks so much for the explanation @nithin Thank you @Nakul and @siva.
This client centric and agile approach is what makes us love zerodha so much.
Wish you luck.

@Nakul Since we are discussing the holding excel sheet download, I have noticed that column A is left blank and data begins from column B only. Any particular reason for it? Because while copying particular rows to another sheet, one has to manually delete column A first.


There’s no specific reason. We’ve done it just to maintain a cleaner format of our reports.

@mananbparekh do check this support article to know how to export the console reports to PDF.

The trading platforms offer the features like downloading the reports from trading consoles in either csv or excel. This feature changes with application to application. You can try to convert them online. There are many free websites that can convert these reports for free.

Thanks @Nakul :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face: