Suggestions for Heatmap?


Can you please suggest a good site/platform for heatmap? Does Zerodha provide this option?

Heatmap of what?

Holdings based on current value, investment value, P&L of holdings is on Kite

Tradebook on console

P&L on console

I guess he mentioned heat map of stocks by % increase / % decrease by sectors.

ah… that we don’t have. We haven’t attempted building a stock discovery page yet. Maybe check out

Hi nithin ,since you are online , have you checked that tick speed of nifty index :smiley: ?

Ah, can’t remember the context. Can you message me with the old link where you asked the question.

Here is one more heatmap -:

@nithin I guess you don’t happen to know if logging in on tickertape screener with Zerodha Kite is secure or not, do you ??

@Sandeep7 does this iCharts thing provide good technical indicator screening ?

There is a screener, but I prefer chartink. Both are delayed though

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appreciate the quick response, and thanks for the chartink tip. Good day!

It is of course.


Hi Nithin, I was referring to the heatmap of stocks.

Try this if You want Sectoral Heatmap Sectoral Heatmap - Unofficed

Try this if you want heatmap, heatmap Heatmap - Unofficed

These things cost me nothing actually because they are hosted in Google Sheets.

I loved the way My Fno designed the sectoral heatmap but I hated the amount of RAM they ate. So I decided to make myself; then ended up adding more stuff which I wanted to have.

Try this link from NSE. Heat map updated on real time for all indexes

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