Suggestions - Kite, BO and support


charting suggestions:

  1. If i open the chart of a stock in which i have a holding, a small arrow/line/symbol at my entry point would be better visually.
  2. to open a chart, the underlying has to be compulsorily be added in the marketwatch. would be nice if symbol search can be enabled in the chart search window.
  3. at end of day, i’d like to have a quick view of how all my shortlisted shorts performed. currently i have to have all the stocks in MW and then click on each chart icon next to stock name to view. Why can i not have a arrow key/pageup/down key move me to the next symbol’s chart? looking at a ppt kind of navigation between charts.
  4. sharing option of chart/analysis in either zerodha forum or social media.

trading suggestion:

  1. button to sell all holdings at one go. similar to smallcase market orders for the entire bunch.
  2. IV data, options greeks data.
  3. portfolio delta in relation to Index to help hedging decisions.
  4. CAGR data of holdings.
  5. news ticker (with option to mute/unmute)
  6. live screener in kite - gainers/losers/active/etc


  1. numbers of days a stock is held
  2. return generated
  3. enhanced quant analytics


  1. highlight winners - long term/short term traders if they agree.
  2. share us what you are working on in terms of trading platform so we may contribute if we can.
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